Field Guide

The ArtsManaged Field Guide is an evolving, connected, and free online textbook on Arts Management practice.

Screen shot of the ArtsManaged Field Guide
ArtsManaged Field Guide -

Here, you’ll find five windows into the work, including:

  • Fundamentals
    Definitions, foundations, and basic overviews of Arts Management.

  • Functions
    Ten categories of action in Arts Management – the core components of the craft.

  • Frameworks
    Productive and provocative ways to make sense and take action.

  • Stories
    Case studies and other narratives to help connect the dots to your work and your world.

  • Substrate
    The world beneath the world of Arts Management – the evolutionary building blocks of human attention, perception, and action.

The Field Guide is constructed as a “digital note garden,” that will grow in content, depth, and connection over time.