What’s ArtsManaged?

ArtsManaged Field Notes is a weekly newsletter exploring professional practice in Arts Management. Every Tuesday morning features a fresh insight or inspiration on how to work better, smarter, and more compassionately in the business of arts and culture.

Field Notes is one of three online resources in the ArtsManaged initiative. The ArtsManaged Field Guide offers an evolving, connected, and free online textbook. The ArtsManaged YouTube Channel presents a series of short videos on managing arts and culture.

The goal of the ArtsManaged initiative is to build and grow useful resources for arts professionals to advance their impact.

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Who’s Doing This?

The ArtsManaged Field Notes, Field Guide, and YouTube Channel are written and produced by E. Andrew Taylor, Associate Professor of Arts Management at American University in Washington, DC.

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Weekly insights on management practice in arts and culture. Exploring Arts Management as if humans had something to do with it.


E. Andrew Taylor

Andrew explores how arts professionals make sense and take action in their work. An Associate Professor of Arts Management at American University, he also consults for cultural, educational, and support organizations worldwide.