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What a great reminder of the importance of valuing someone's perspective as we think about how our mission-related work might meet their needs (those "jobs" to be done)! The value proposition canvas is a powerful tool for dissecting people's motivations, limitations, and aspirations, and I use it extensively with my arts entrepreneurship students. The thing that often trips people up when learning about their customers is prioritizing what maters most to them. Rank-ordering jobs (and other elements of the canvas) can be especially useful. Some jobs matter a little. Some jobs matter a LOT. The real challenge is knowing which jobs matter most for people at which points in time and in which places or contexts (yes, people are complicated, and the same person's needs change moment to moment, place to place, as they go about their lives). A valuable (and often humbling) exercise for us all!

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Great addition to this approach. Thanks so much, John. Essential to understand not only what matters to people, but what matters MOST.

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